New Concierge-style services now being offered!

We have recently added a concierge-style service to our list of ways to help our clients. Often clients need immediate help,

more sessions that insurance will allow, and other ways to reach out for help. For that reason, we are adopting a way that can help provide those services. Our concierge-style service will allow clients the opportunity to see the therapist within 12 business hours of contact between the hours of 6 am and 8 pm. The number of sessions per week and per month is not limited like it would be when using insurance. For this reason, this is a strictly non-insurance style of treatment and service. The cost for this service is $275 for a 50 minute session and $325 for a 90 minute session. We also offer monthly “subscriptions” to our concierge-style service which will offer up to 18 visits per month for a set monthly rate. For rules and other information, please contact us.