Walk and Talk Therapy

It is largely recognized that staying active aids the physical health of the body. Activity is popularly associated with weight loss efforts and physical recovery from injury or illness. Did you know there are profound mental health benefits to activity? The National Council for Mental Wellbeing and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) both report simple physical activity positively impacts serotonin levels in the brain reducing the symptoms or risk of depression and

At Alan Behrman and Associates we pride ourselves on providing therapeutic tools that practically aid the changes you desire for your mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that experiential therapeutic processes increase motivation for change and empower sustainable transitions. With this insight, we are offering Walk and Talk Therapy. Join your therapist on a walk at your pace as you uncover what inhibits the outcomes you want. Under the natural sky you may be able to tap into your greatest potential. Find some comfortable shoes and let us get to know you. Walk and Talk Therapy is Seasonally limited, and weather influenced. Contact our office for more details.